hood_fullVisualization and Navigation Software for Our Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy

Space software download for Windows. Requirements: 6.4 MB of RAM, 8.8 MB Hard Disk space. Download right away! Secure transaction through PayPal. No PayPal account required to use your debit or credit card.


Thousands of stars in our neighborhood, with 3D, click-and-drag viewing. Space Software by Tharsis Highlands.

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  • 3D astronomy tool for exploring our region of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • Over 16,000 local stars and dozens of nearby planets.
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What Others Are Saying About the Software

Stars in the NeighborHood “caught my eye for its intriguing perspective on our neck of the universe. I am studying it intensely and truly enjoying myself! Thank you for such a detailed and fun learning tool.” —Tom S., Pennsylvania, USA [Confirmed Purchase]

“I was born too early to get, ‘Stars in the NeighborHood,’ as a Christmas present. But how very wonderful a present that would have been. Until we can get out there ourselves, ‘Stars in the NeighborHood,’ will give us a look at our galactic backyard.” —Gary Y., Springfield, MO, USA

“I am very interested in stars around Sol and you have created the perfect software for that.” —Alex B., North Carolina, USA [Confirmed Purchase]

“Makes for an awesome learning tool for astronomy students and enthusiasts. I love the view cube display and the zoom out universe feature.” —Adrian B., Cebu City, Philippines

“I bought your stars in the neighborhood some years ago and I find it an excellent piece of software. Ever since I got it I have been telling other people about the software.” —Jess F., Alviso, California USA [Confirmed Purchase]